Posted by Sam Hayes On Monday, October 05, 2009
First Portrait Idea Draft
I have created a quick draft of the first portrait idea I had. It was based on how a person has been formed, and what has contributed to their personality, interests and attitude. After exploring this and creating a quick image, I think I will leave it where it is as I have other ideas I think will turn out to be more interesting, I may come back to it to take aspects or parts of the image later.

The objects that I included in the above image are all there for a reason. The World War Two era Lancaster plane is in the image to show my love of the subject of History, I grew up watching war films and listening to stories about the World War from my Great Grandparents. It also represents one of my favourite stories, that of the Dam Busters raid, which is another film I was shown when younger. The background is a picture of a bay in Cornwall where I spent a lot of time as a child, on holidays. I also lived there for some time. The books simply resemble the fact that I read a lot when young and didn't find books 'boring' like a lot of other children, I was always writing short stories (Most of which I'm sure was rubbish). I think that all these objects define who i've come to be.

As I said, I think this idea will be discarded as there isn't enough ways to progress it. I will post drafts of my other ideas throughout the week as I spend time on them.

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