Posted by Sam Hayes On Thursday, August 13, 2009 1 comments
I've only recently started with these rough drawings, at the moment they are very basic and I haven't put much time into them.

Posted by Sam Hayes On Thursday, August 13, 2009 0 comments
I've sketched a few drawings over the last few days. I've attatched them below. I hopefully will be adding more over the next week. I've been browsing some concept art websites to try and get some ideas and styles. I'm hoping these will show more in the next set of work. I tried to draw these in a western style, after watching a few Clint Eastwood movies over the last week and playing Ubisoft's new shooter "Call of Juarez". I'm also going to add a few images of some rough sketches from my sketchbook.

"Creativity 101"

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Today I am to start my summer project for my upcoming course: CG Arts and Animation at the University for the Creative Arts, Rochester. The task, as I understand it, is to create 101 concept drawings in three categories: Structures, Life Forms and Machines. The result of this, is to extend one of the concepts for each category into a more in-depth design. I expect the selection I choose to work on more, will be those that I am happiest with and think can be given much more detail and effort.

Not being from an Art background from school or college, I expect I am disadvantaged in a way for this project. I have concentrated on IT for the last few years, putting effort into more of the technical side of computers, rather than the artistic. I'm hoping that this project will allow me to be more confident with pen and paper, rather than concentrating on the digital.

My first step is to find some inspiration for the first set of drawings, but more likely, I will try to pull myself away from the generic objects and scenes that I could put on paper, which are very tempting. I tend to browse CGsociety and almost daily, I'm sure some ideas and methods will come to me after reading through today.

My next post will hopefully be accompained by some images that resemble something.

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