Tutorials: NCloth, Softbodies + High Rez Character

Posted by Sam Hayes On Tuesday, May 31, 2011 0 comments
Here are all the Ncloth tutorials for this unit. Learning the Nparticle system was really helpful, especially when it came to working on the E4 sting and the knowledge of features such as Cache Blending and Contraints are going to really come in use soon.


I haven't completely finished the high-rez character. I have another video to do on the ear and the head refinements. I also want to re-do the knees because I had some trouble following the topology. With the free-time from now on, I'll be able to get this all refined.


E4 Sting: Zombie Hand

Posted by Sam Hayes On Friday, May 20, 2011 1 comments
As I'm away next week, this is my final Sting submission, along with the Making Of Document.

Making of Zombie Hand

Modelling Progress

Posted by Sam Hayes On Tuesday, May 17, 2011 0 comments
As I'm away next week, with a badly timed holiday, I'm aiming to get my 10-second E-Sting finished by this weekend. Everything is modelled / rigged, but now the refinements in camera-placement, lighting and animation needs to begin. Below is the zombie hand, which bursts from the ground.

The texture images for the TV still need to be created, which I'll do in After Effects. I'm hoping to get a nice dirt shift and erupt effect using particles or soft-bodies in the next couple of days after some advice from Alan in the morning. I have also blocked out the scene, but it seems a bit bare without the painted backdrop. The staging needs a bit more of a dramatic effect, but this should all be done soon enough.

E-Sting: Modelling Zombie Hand

Posted by Sam Hayes On Sunday, May 15, 2011 0 comments
I've been progressing with the Zombie-arm for my sting over the last couple of days. I created a very simple medium-poly arm/hand in Maya, using similar methods as the cartoon characters I made for Narrative but with more realism (Like 4 fingers, thicker arm etc) I then UV'ed it and brought it into  Mudbox, software I've only just started using, which I think will get a lot of attention over the summer.  I created some mesh detail such as scratches, skin creases and damage which I'm trying to get onto the low-poly version without too many mistakes (At the moment, the normal map seams are causing trouble). I decided to paint it in Mudbox for the main detail, which is an incredible tool. The texture was then easily transferred to Maya.  I'm going to add more blood / lovely rotted flesh.

Hopefully by the end of tommorow, the arm will be rigged and ready to animate, along with the normal map having no errors. I then need to create some terrain and focus on animating the arm and the dirt, for the final video.

The dirt-covered remote that he is going to be holding is also done:

E-Sting : Modelling #1

Posted by Sam Hayes On Wednesday, May 11, 2011 0 comments
After a brief tutorial with Alan yesterday where he gave me the go ahead for my idea, I started to think about the production. I've been looking at my concepts and thinking about the advice Alan gave me, which was to use staging and lighting to centre the clip around specific objects. I've now started modelling the props, which are thankfully few in number. From my concept, I've listed the props simply as two different Gravestones, a Television and a Television remote. The environment modelling will be the ground-plane with dirt/grass, whilst the background which will be visible when the TV lights up the scene, will be a Matte painting. This allows all the focus to be put on the Zombie-arm, both animating and modelling.

I've used Mudbox to add model-detail. The Gravestone is the first model I've done using Maya with Mudbox, it's pretty basic, but I've got a set of tutorials which I'll work through before doing the arm's detail.

Blocking out the shot:



E-Sting Idea Concepts

Posted by Sam Hayes On Tuesday, May 10, 2011 1 comments
My inital E-Sting idea is below, concepted. I like the theme and the idea, but I think it needs a bit of a work. Maybe the hand needs to drop the remote at the end. I've been trying to think about how much to show, as 10 seconds isn't really long enough to gather the scene. This is why I've tried to make it seem very enclosed with the first shot being dark, with the hand outlined and the TV appearing in shot once turned on.

Models and Metaphors: Initial ideas

Posted by Sam Hayes On Friday, May 06, 2011 2 comments
I've been thinking about this project over the last couple of weeks, but nothing has really been produced. I've been working through the tutorials mostly and haven't given enough thought to this ident so far. I had a small idea, which was quite basic involving a bird and a worm, but after a tutorial with Alan I think I'm eventually thinking along the right lines.

Alan explained how the crucial and most difficult part of this project was connecting with the audience and understanding the language which was known to the people viewing. This is why I want the ident to centre around popular-culture, something which almost everyone will recognise. My new idea is rough and is just ingredients really.

Alan mentioned a previous idea of the E4 logo smashing through a city, referencing Godzilla, but with the twist of it being the logo. I want this 'instantly' recognisable scene with a twist option so assuming everyone watching will be familiar of the zombie-film genre, my inital idea is:

A mound of dirt, like a freshly digged grave, a hand shoots out, with the classic corpse come to life image and starts reaching around the ground. It finds the TV remote-control and flicks a TV onto E4.

I know there is some logic missing, which is why its just inital, but I'm going to look at some more E4 idents and some zombie influences to try and figure out where to take it.

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