E-Sting: Modelling Zombie Hand

Posted by Sam Hayes On Sunday, May 15, 2011
I've been progressing with the Zombie-arm for my sting over the last couple of days. I created a very simple medium-poly arm/hand in Maya, using similar methods as the cartoon characters I made for Narrative but with more realism (Like 4 fingers, thicker arm etc) I then UV'ed it and brought it into  Mudbox, software I've only just started using, which I think will get a lot of attention over the summer.  I created some mesh detail such as scratches, skin creases and damage which I'm trying to get onto the low-poly version without too many mistakes (At the moment, the normal map seams are causing trouble). I decided to paint it in Mudbox for the main detail, which is an incredible tool. The texture was then easily transferred to Maya.  I'm going to add more blood / lovely rotted flesh.

Hopefully by the end of tommorow, the arm will be rigged and ready to animate, along with the normal map having no errors. I then need to create some terrain and focus on animating the arm and the dirt, for the final video.

The dirt-covered remote that he is going to be holding is also done:

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