References: 3:10 to Yuma

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I've also looked at the original '3:10 To Yuma' for some more references, I'm sure there are plenty more films with some good shots of this sort of era so I'm going to think of some more, maybe some Clint Eastwood.

References: Back to the Future

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As Phil pointed out, my music is more suited to the American West, so I'm having a look at that sort of environment rather than British. I've grabbed some shots from Back to the Future 3, mainly of the train, which I think represents the type of train I want to use in the animation.  I'm also going to look at the environment throughout films set in this era and place to get ideas of decorations, such as lamps, posters etc.

Painted Sketches

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Here are a couple of early station ideas. I think the building needs an large awning above the doors that extends over the platform, which I will add. These were drawn rough in pencil to get the perspective then painted over in Photoshop all in a single colour, the idea was to try and work out the layout of my environment. I'm hoping they'll be a lot more of these to come before the  Concept Art stage.

The Station Platform

The Ticket / Waiting Room


Research: Train Stations / Steam Railway

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My first steps of research. Quite a few images here, they'll be easier to find if I keep them on this post.

General Images

Archive Images
I also grabbed some shots from the film 'The Railway Children', which Im sure will prove helpful:

Narrative Idea : Suitcase Left Behind.

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The idea I have for a short animation is inspired by the soundscape. The introduction is quite grande, with what sounds like a royal or prestigious type theme. This is where I could not get the image of an old Steam Train out of my head. It seems to really match the music, and this is the direction I'm going to pursue. I want to concentrate on two things this project; firstly the enviroment, as I think in my last project I didn't take enough care in the surroundings. Secondly, I want to concentrate on character animation, not a human, but an inanimate object which comes to life. This is where my narrative is currently at:

The whole animation takes place inside and on the platform of an old (1930's - 1950's) British Railway Station. The animation begins with a steam train pulling in to the station, it is a classic train (Flying Scotsman-type) and it halts at the stop. Whilst the train pulls in, we begin to see a group of baggage being pulled along on a wheeled holder. The holder's wheel jolts and a small suitcase falls off, onto the floor inside the waiting room of the station.

The rest of the baggage continues towards the train on the platform. At this moment, the suitcase comes to life in the waiting room as it realises that it is 'lost' and has been separated from the rest. The animation from here is the train beginning to move off of the platform, with the suitcase struggling to board it, eventually suceeding (Perhaps climbing up the line-keeper's building and diving onto the roof?) I want the animation to match the pace of the train, as the train gains speed, the suitcase gets more frantic trying to board.

I have a lot of research which I've been doing over the last week, which I will post up now. I've also completed two quick painted sketches with my first imaginings.

Soundscape Project Beginnings

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I've been considering my soundscape for a while now, and I think I'm close to pinpointing an idea. My soundscape is below (Soundscape 10).

After listening to it countless times I've decided that it fits the style of a story of a character or animate object, the music is quick and punchy which brings the inspiration on for a action-orientated animation, similar to the 2D drawn shorts from the Animation Unit. The music slows down and speeds up, but it always keeps a good pace, and I have visioned a few mini-stories that would fit well with it.

I'm going to post up my most resolved narrative idea in my next post, it is still very early, but I think it is acheivable, not too ambitious and has the possibility of being a good short.

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