E-Sting : Modelling #1

Posted by Sam Hayes On Wednesday, May 11, 2011
After a brief tutorial with Alan yesterday where he gave me the go ahead for my idea, I started to think about the production. I've been looking at my concepts and thinking about the advice Alan gave me, which was to use staging and lighting to centre the clip around specific objects. I've now started modelling the props, which are thankfully few in number. From my concept, I've listed the props simply as two different Gravestones, a Television and a Television remote. The environment modelling will be the ground-plane with dirt/grass, whilst the background which will be visible when the TV lights up the scene, will be a Matte painting. This allows all the focus to be put on the Zombie-arm, both animating and modelling.

I've used Mudbox to add model-detail. The Gravestone is the first model I've done using Maya with Mudbox, it's pretty basic, but I've got a set of tutorials which I'll work through before doing the arm's detail.

Blocking out the shot:



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