Digital Painting Concept

Posted by Sam Hayes On Thursday, October 29, 2009
EDIT: I added some colour to my sketch, just to show what I want the overall tone of the image to be when I create it digitally (Bright and vagrant) I didn't show the distant cliffs in this sketch, but I'll work at putting them into the final piece.

I've been takling the excerpts of Journey to the Centre of the Earth today to get some ideas in my head of what to create. After reading the book, it is all fresh in my mind, and I can picture the scenes, I just need to transfer that to paper.

Below i've posted my brainstorm ideas, which I sketched down while reading the excerpts.

After jotting down the descriptions, I have started a draft. My first idea is drived from Excerpt two, where Axel alongside Professor Lidenbrock, steps out of the Grotto to view the expanse of the underground world. I want this image to centrearound the ocean and rocks clashing against each other, but I also want to include some of the described wild plant-life, the Mushrooms. The sketch I did below, shows the vantage point I want it to take. The right-hand side of the image is still blank, I think I shall put more rocks with steam rising off and perhaps a stream flowing towards the sea. I also want the sky to be a main feature in this idea, as it is described in a lot of detail in book as bright, vibrant and wild.

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