Posted by Sam Hayes On Friday, October 02, 2009
Idea Four: Role-Models / Heroes in a Self-portrait

My fourth idea is portraying myself in a self-portrait by using facial features and objects from my role-models or heroes and blending them with my own appearance. This idea is to show that a person can be influenced by the people they respect the most and these people can help form their personality and attitude.

Phil has shown us in the recent lectures some images which have used the person's parents and immeadiate family as a composition to create a self-portrait. I thought about using this idea, but I also felt that it had been done a lot and I'm sure many people will look at it as an option. My idea is to use my role-models and heroes alongside my own image to portray myself by showing the people I respect and am fond of.

I believe you can tell a lot by the selection of people a person respects and look up to. For example, there will be a notable difference between someone who has Richard Attenborough as a role-model and someone who looks up to Peter Andre.

"You don't have to know people personally for them to be role models. Some of my most important role models were historical or literary figures that I only read about - never actually met." - John Wilson

This quote also rings true with me. As a main interest of mine is history and reading historic fiction / non fiction I have drawn a lot of role-models from what I've read. My portrait will be centered around this. I will begin a draft and post it on my blog this weekend.

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