Posted by Sam Hayes On Friday, October 02, 2009
Idea Three: Unfinished Portrait

My third idea's main theme is highlighting the fact that I have not yet made all of my choices in life. As I am creating a portrait of my 19-year-old self, I think the portrait should portray the fact that I am unfinished as a person and my path undetermined (Which could be said for any age, but especially for someone young). The main idea is that there is still a lot of me to be defined.

There are two ways that I have decided I can digitally alter the image and portray my idea. The first one is to leave the picture unfinished, some of the image can be uncoloured / sketched with certain aspects of me still to be finished. This incomplete drawing will show that there is still 'things to be done and defined'

My second method of showing this idea is to make an image of me look like clay. My face in the image is moulded but is still unfinished. The idea of the clay model of myself being half-finished would show that I still don't have a set purpose or role. Another aspect that I could add to the image is an extra piece of clay, away from my body. This extra piece would symbolise that I can always be improved and changed, even when it would seem I was completed.

I think the second method would make the idea more prevalent and would also a be more impressive piece. I will investigate this piece further,

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