Posted by Sam Hayes On Friday, October 02, 2009
Idea Two: A Portrait based on Ego

My second portrait idea is an image based on the ego of the person in the portrait. This is based on the idea that in the quite early point of my life, my ego will not be very strong as I have not accomplished anything great enough to strengthen it. The portrait would reflect this using digital manipulation. The image would be centered around a full-body view of myself with a light background, the background would be quite empty to show that there is nothing behind me (Both literally and metaphorically). The image would be digitaly altered to make me look as if I have been made out of a fragile material eg.Glass or Porceline. This would be a way of showing that my ego is easy to break at this point in my life. The main theme behind this portrait is progression, another portrait in the future would show me made out a stronger substance as my ego and myself is strengthened by my experiences and accomplishments.

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