Self-Portrait Project Ideas

Posted by Sam Hayes On Thursday, October 01, 2009
Self-Portrait Project Ideas

I've come up with a selection of ideas for my self-portrait project. I have three which I think are good as basic thoughts, but will need to be expanded before being drafted. I have one which I have put quite a lot of thought into and I expect I will carry it on into my final piece (Depending on how well it progresses)

The portraiture brief describes the portraits as needing to "Explore the motion of constructed identity alongside representing image manipulation and representation of self." I think my main ideas reflect this, and I will try my best to explain how. I will explain each of my ideas below and will follow them with a draft drawing later.

Idea One: How a person has been formed

My first idea is to show in the portrait of myself how i've been formed in personality and attitude. As i've seen throughout the lectures, a self-portrait can show so much more than a person's appearance. This idea is focusing on showing how I've come to the point in my life (With the attitude and personality I have) The way I will show this is with a pictue of me in the centre of the piece with items surrounding me which have influenced my life. The background of the image will be a picture of a place where I have spent a lot of time and has influenced something about me. As you can see, I still need to decide the specific details.

I think this portrait would be influenced by "The Ambassadors" by Albrecht Durer, an image Phil showed us in last week's lecture. This image shows Durer surrounded by items of value through his life e.g A globe to show he has travelled.

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