Posted by Sam Hayes On Tuesday, September 29, 2009
The lectures this week so far have been good. We had another faces lecture on Monday morning with Phil, which consisted of the more sinister side of photography, including portraits of the dead (and soon to be dead). Phil also included a very riveting picture of Osama Bin Laden rodgering George Bush, which I have put aside for the personal collection.

I haven't uploaded many sketches or images of my work recently as I am on mobile internet in my student house. I will upload some sketches this weekend.

I'm progressing in Maya quite well. I am following tutorials off of the internet to work my way through the tools of the software, so that hopefully when Alan starts to explain these tools in more detail I can understand them better. I also have a few ideas for my Portraits, I have decided on my final piece, and will be working on the prepatory pieces over the next week or so.

As for our theory classes, the whole thing remains unexplained and a bit strange, but that may have just been my hangover. We'll seeon Thursday I suppose.

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  1. tutorphil said...'> 30 September 2009 at 00:07

    Dear Sam... and the reason I included that image in the presentation was...? (Just incase UCA is watching) - Because of the issues surrounding 'identity theft' in the digital age, of course! If you want your eyes to pop further from your head, do a 'slash art' search - and marvel at how much time people have on their hands! :-)


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