Maya Texturing Problems

Posted by Sam Hayes On Friday, October 23, 2009
I have spent roughly 4 hours battling with my copy of Maya over texturing. I am trying to do the UV Poker Chip Layout tutorial and the whiskey bottle tutorial, but it really isn't going well.

I can layout my UVs, Bring them into photoshop, and save a final texture, but when adding that texture to the materials editor, it will completely distort the image, as shown below. I have no idea why it is doing it, and it has put a bit of a kink in my maya work, as Im missing two pieces. I'm going to try one last time. As you can see, I tested it with a simple image from photoshop of just a red circle, and it rendered as a complete mess. I will have to complete these on the Uni computers I think.

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  1. Alan Postings said...'> 23 October 2009 at 12:46

    Hi Sam,

    Your adding your texture as a 'Projection' not a standard 2d Image. When you click on the checker button for the colour channel make sure you choose 'Normal' and not 'Projection' in the Create Render Node window (Three dots above the 2d nodes).


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