300 Essay and Concepts

Posted by Sam Hayes On Wednesday, November 25, 2009
I've just completed my essay on the film from Frank Miller's comic '300'. I spent most of yesterday evening finishing up the house in Maya, I just need to build a couple of props and render it (Easier said than done I reckon). I'm going to begin improving my concepts this afternoon, I still have one to do and my other two to improve. A nice cup of coffee should progress things. Here are the two concepts that I am almost finished with, I just need to try and improve the lighting, but I'm sticking with the composition on them.


With this I need to:
-Add trees on top of the rocks
-Make the top cavern look like it is extending backwards
- Try out some lighting on the rocks to make it seem darker

Lava Cavern

- Need to try and add some light-beams from the celing
- May add some smoke


I've added some detail to the shoreline image, including a rain effect. Here it is below, I'm going to have one last look at it and then I think I'm going to call it final.

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