Essay Research: 300's Production Methods

Posted by Sam Hayes On Tuesday, November 17, 2009
I am about 900 words into my essay, and I must say, I'm finding it quite easy and enjoyable. I feel like I am sticking to the right themes and answering the correct questions, I just hope Phil reads it in the same way. I am relying heavily on quotes though, I have a quote in every other sentance, which I'm hoping is not going over-the-top. I thought that I should post some of my findings on my blog.

As I've researched the methods that Zack Snyder (The Director), Jim Bissell (The Production Designer) and Frank Miller (The Original Author) used to adapt the comic into film I have discovered a lot about the process of pre-production. On this specific film, the whole challenge was accurately adapting the comic book into a feature-length film that would preserve the original story, art-style and brutality. However, now I'm looking at the methods the production went through in order to create the film, which I am touching on in my essay.

The whole film, every scene, was filmed inside. The production took place in a large industrial warehouse which was large enough to house the different sets and blue screens. Below is a picture of part of the building:

All of the fight scenes were filmed in front of green and blue screens, and was then composited onto a digital background in the post-production. This allowed the style to be added to the film, of high contrast, bright skies and a gritty dirt-like atmosphere.

Not all of the surroundings were digitally created, there were some sets included in the filming, such as the forum of Sparta, shown below in the film, as well as in the studio.

I really enjoyed researching into the method of creating this film. Especially the reasons behind it, which were mostly to achieve a similar style to the comic book as well as time and money. I know a lot of this is redundant in my essay (Apart from the styling) but I thought I may as well look further into things.

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