Final Concepts

Posted by Sam Hayes On Thursday, November 26, 2009
I think I'm going to call all of my concepts finished now and begin to work on the rest of my maya. Here are my final images below ready for the crit tommorow:

Concept 1: Lava Cavern
This concept is envisioned on the underground caverns and caves that the Professor and his Nephew encounter throughout their journey deeper into the earth. I created lava and dangerous walkways as in the excerpts I felt the journey seemed a bit unexciting at this point, as it was just simple tunnels. I wanted to create  a more-hostile looking enviroment. The concept is a seriesof walkways all stretching over a pit of lava, there is a natural-rock doorway in the background and pillars holding the cavern in place.


Concept 2: Shoreline
This concept was based around the large cliffs and the shore of the underground sea. In the book, when the characters discover this landmark the weather is quite fine and the sea calm. However, like the last image, I wanted to create a more hostile enviroment, so created a very hectic looking scene, with  a storm and heavy rain. The sea is described as looking 'almost electric' in the book, I wanted to push this into the literal, adding in electrcity bolts in the waves to make it all seem much more dangerous. I wanted the sky to reflect the strange underground atmosphere and the cliffs to seem dark and undiscovered.


Concept Three: Mushroom Forest
With this image I decided to take a different approach. I wanted a concept that was brighter and a contrast to the previous two. In the book, a forest is discovered containing large mushrooms and discoloured leaves in the bright light of the underground. I thought this gave a good oppourtunity to create a bright image, showing the scale of the forest. I still wanted to show that the image was set above ground, which is why I created the strange sky effects, representing the huge clouds of gas and electricity.


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