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Posted by Sam Hayes On Tuesday, December 08, 2009
I've been thinking over the last few days about what I want my scene to say or rather imply. I've been looking through various artists, but none of them are as appealing to me as Gregory Crewdson, I love the scape of his images, It is possible to look at each one for so long, picking up different details and trying to 'solve' the event thats taking place. I've decided, if I didn't follow his path, or at least attempt a homage to him this project, then I'd be wasting an opportunity, which is why I've settled on an idea. I have just thought of this, whilst looking through his images, and have decided to progress with it. I will create some sketches tommorow to show the scene better.

However, a mundane explanation in writing is:

A shot of a neighbourhood but with a different style from Crewdson's 'American Dream' type towns resembling the 50's. I was thinking something more British and close to home, a surburban neightbourhood, something the audience I am presenting to will instantly be familar with, an example is:

The camera will be looking down the street, however, the street will be empty of people with a desolate look. Covered in old newspaper, a football lying still in the road, all of the bins out on the pavement ready to be collected, but not a soul in sight. As the background will be digitally painted, there will be a very still sky, but with a certain tint of colour in the air, as if the atmosphere is not quite right.

I think this will portray a certain amount of ambiguity, leading the audience to question whether all the people are inside their houses, or have left the street completely, I want the scene to radiate a eery feeling.

I don't think I am under any illusions about how hard this will be to create at this point of the course. We have  just created a very different street-scene in Maya under Alan's guidance, but to create a completely different styled enviroment in a similar amount of time will be a challenge. As this is the first project where 3D is to be our main medium, I want to put a lot of effort into it and display a good result. I think my work-ethic at the moment is high, meaning it could be possible.

My influence for this, apart from of course, Crewdson is 'The War Game', which I'm going to post about in the minute.

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