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Posted by Sam Hayes On Tuesday, February 16, 2010
After getting the 'go ahead' form Phil regarding my story, I've decided to crack on. I've looked through the unit brief once more and realised the huge effort I've got to put in. It is not the quantity thats required, but rather the quality that I want my animatic to reach, to portray the environment I have in mind and the characters I want to feature in it.

I'm starting the character design today, but I'm in the middle of working on our theory symposium, so I may not get a lot done. I'm going to focus on the second Lighthouse Keeper, the one in my story who is oblivious to the problem and stands next to the beacon smoking his pipe.

- Older than the first, meaning he is less agile , maybe slightly Senile
- Bearded, a thick bushy beard is what I have in mind
- Grumpy and tired looking face
- Pessimistic face, reading the paper looking rather miserable

I'm reminded on the main character from 'Up'. 

Strangely, the idea of this character I have in mind is that of a little ornament I bought for about £1 when I was about 8 from a harbour in Cornwall. I can't find it, as I think Action Man smashed it into little pieces once, when it became his arch-nemesis, but i've found a similar image of one on the internet:


It doesn't look like much,but in the 90's it was incredible, the Avatar of it's day. I'm going to try some designs similar to this, trying to portray his personality.

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