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Posted by Sam Hayes On Monday, February 15, 2010
This is obviously not finalised because as I work on it, I'm surely going to make changes, but the overall story is planned out below. As a reminder my objects were Lighthouse - Ghost - Trampoline (Which I have swapped for a rubber dinghy or life-raft)

1) The first images are of various Newspaper Headlines 'TWO LIGHTHOUSE KEEPERS FOUND DEAD' - 'LIGHTHOUSE SUICIDE PACT?' - 'MYSTERY OF LIGHTHOUSE DEATHS'. They are on newspapers that are hitting the ground, being delivered. The last Newspaper's front cover blows open to show the title 'The Day Before...' above a picture of a lighthouse from the paper, which the camera zooms into, creating an establishing shot, where the story begins.

2) Two Lighthouse keepers are sitting drinking cups of Tea on a table. #1 is drinking his drink, #2 is reading a newspaper. Behind them shows a window, looking out to sea. They are both sitting in silence when the outside shutter slams creating a huge bang, they both turn to look out the window, where they see a storm is brewing. They give each other concerned looks. #1 sighs, gets up and walks towards the door. #2 continues reading his paper.

3) #1 Puts his hood up, opens the door and walks out into a blustering wind and rain on the coast. He leaves the door open, and walks around the side of the building towards the window. He shuts the shutter and locks it. He turns back towards the door, but before he makes it, a huge gust comes through, alongside loud thunder and slams the door shut.

4) #2 Is shown as walking up the stairs with his newspaper under his arm. Oblivious to the door banging shut, as the thunder blocked the noise. Meanwhile, #1 is banging on the door, trying to get in. He rushes back to the window, re-opens the shutter and glances in to see the table empty.

5) At this moment, #2 is show as being next to the beacon on the top of the building. He switches it on. #1 Stares up the beacon, through the wind and rain and begins to shout and wave his arms.

6) The thunder and wind drowns out his shouts, and #2 is standing on top, smoking a pipe, looking out to sea. #1 gets tired out shouting and begins to look around for a solution. He sees a rubber-dinghy tied up to a post, it is filled with various fishing and sailing equipment, he unties it and drags in towards the lighthouse. He ties it onto another post.

7) He begins to bounce up and down on the edge of it, slowly building up altitude, the wind and rain are blowing really hard. #2 Is shown still standing there smoking his pipe.

8)A huge gust comes through and blows a sail or sheet from the dinghy, it wraps around the keeper bouncing up and down,blinding him, he keeps on bouncing. The wind blows again, wrapping the net around his ankle, as he bounces, he pulls the net up with him, it wraps around the sheet, giving him a ghostly look, with a white sheet and strands of rope flying around him, as he bounces a final gust of wind blows.

#2's pipe is blown out of his mouth, landing on the floor of the top-platform, the rope on the dinghy snaps, blowing the boat away just as the keeper bounces off of it one last time.

9) #2 turns and bends down to pick up his pipe, #2 screams 'Heeeelp' as he flies up beneath the railings, #2 sees him and screams as loud as he can, in surprise, thinking he is seeing a ghost, he flys backwards, over the side of the railing behind him.

10) The camera shows a full-length shot of the lighthouse, with a lighthouse keeper each side plummeting down towards the ground in slow-motion. Before they hit the ground, the dighy flys infront of the camera blocking the view. But the viewer knows they were killed from headline at the beginning. Solving the mystery of the deaths.

11) The ending / credits simply show the window shutter slamming against the side of the building in the storm, showing how futile the whole event was.

I know this is long and quite drawn out, but I wanted to include detail. If anyone has any criticisms or feedback, I'd appreciate a comment.

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  1. RichardVC said...'> 16 February 2010 at 00:20

    I dont really think there is room for criticism, i think its one of the best stories yet, it actually tells a story which has some comedic effects and also some good story telling mechanisms.


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