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Posted by Sam Hayes On Monday, February 08, 2010
After the story workshop today, I realised I need to re-think my story idea. Phil pointed out some mistakes and unpossiblities in my original story idea, which when I look back through it, seem quite obvious. I did like my original idea, but after hearing some of the feedback from the class, I've realised I can push it further and create a story that is much better suited to a 1 minute animation. Some of the ideas that were brought up for my topic I like the sound on and I will try and build on some of the ideas that came up.

One bit of advice which I'm definitely going to use is the allowance that Phil has given of using something similar to our objects. I'm going to swap the trampoline for a rubber dinghy, because it would be more appropoate for a lighthouse and more believable.

I'm hoping to have a final story idea by the end of the week, so I can crack on.

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