Storyboard Planning

Posted by Sam Hayes On Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Time is slowly disappearing for this project, so I want to plan out exactly what I need to do. I've planned my storyboard frame by frame, and I've totalled this to about 34 different shots. This seems like too many for a 60 second animation, but I know that once I moveit into Pre-viz I'll know what shots I'll need to use, and which ones to let go.

Below are my story-board plans. I'm going to draw them all out later very roughly and then begin the refining process to create an appealing animatic.

In my storyboard I have a lot of 'walks to door' ' walks from room' I'm hoping to make these very quick cuts, rather than having a lot of redundant action. This should allow me to focus the little time I have on the comedy moments.


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