Jan Švankmajer

Posted by Sam Hayes On Monday, March 22, 2010
Jan Švankmajer was an early Czech animator who is known for his surrealist art style. He gained a reputation for using Stop Motion mainly to create animations where inanimate objects come to life. He is well-known partially for his feature-length film 'Alice' which was released in 1988, based on the story of Lewis Carroll's 'Alice's adventures in Wonderland'.

We watched his film ' Dimensions of Dialogue' which was broken into three parts. The first showing bodies made out of cutlery, food and metallic items, being refined into a full clay figures. This part is called 'Exhaustive discussion'.

The second part - "Passionate discourse", shows two clay figures, a man and a woman, who begin to kiss and eventually dissolve into each other. The third part ' ""Factual conversation" shows two almost identical male figures, who each produce different objects from their mouths which interact, including a toothbrush and toothpaste.


These animations were very enjoyable as they had realism alongside surrealism. Showing perfect human forms in clay, doing ridiculous and impossible things. The stop-motion is incredible, with very smooth deformations and animation.

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