Ladislav Starevich - Fétiche Mascotte (1934)

Posted by Sam Hayes On Monday, March 15, 2010
Ladislav Starevich is an early Polish animator who uses stop-motion to create stories based around animals and insects. In today's lecture we watched 'Fétiche Mascotte' a.ka 'The Mascot' which tells the story of a dog-toy who goes on an adventure to get his owner, a sick girl, an orange as her mother can't afford to buy her one. This animation was acclaimed as it was very polished and well made for such an early animated film, it also contained a huge amount of characters, both evil and good and a huge range of different animation types (E.g Horses, Humans, Furniture).

It is easy to see the influence that Starevich has had on modern animators, notable Tim Burton with his 'Nightmare Before Christmas.'

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