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Posted by Sam Hayes On Monday, March 15, 2010
Today, when I wasn't watching a 30ft Gorilla kill New-Yorkers I was trying to think of a decent story idea, and I think just now one popped into my head, as I was watching 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly', no idea how that worked, as my idea has nothing to do with cowboys or Clint Eastwood.

This is the first draft, I made Act 3 up as I went along, but I think it works. If you read this post Phil, some feedback would be nice.

Act 1:
Shows a fire getting lower and lower, running out of wood, an oldish man walks over to a log-basket and peers in to see it empty. They walk off, showing the fire getting dimmer and dimmer.

Act 2:
The man returns, dragging two old tattered wooden chairs and an axe. He begins smashing one up with the axe, with his back turned to the second one.The second chair begins to animate and turns to see what is going on. He then creeps off stealthily whilst the man is chopping. The man chucks the wood into the basket, and some onto the fire and turns to break the next chair, he realises its gone when he turns around so gets up and starts looking for it.

Act 3:
The man is searching the house, looking behind curtains and cabinets, the chair is creeping around, sneakily avoiding the man's gaze by hiding behind objects, at one point he stands behind a normal chair to disguise himself. (The Kitchen scene of Jurrasic park comes to mind, with the velociraptors) Eventually, the man sees the chair, who bolts for the door and runs out of the house, with the man following. The chair runs out into the woods, which is shown to be near the cottage where they came from.

The man is chasing him and becomes tired by doubling over, breathing heavily, he looks as if he is going to faint, as he falls, the chair runs back and slides underneath him, giving him support. The man looks shocked, and then smiles. The man sits there for a short time, then stands up, picks up some branches for wood and walks back to the house, with the chair walking beside him.

As my word was 'Furtive' I am going to make the bulk of the story focus on the middle-section, where the chair is hiding and sneaking, the beginning and ending are explained to cushion the story

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