All done!

Posted by Sam Hayes On Friday, April 23, 2010
This was a tough week, but everything is finally done. I completed my animation earlier today but needed to finish up a few things before tommorow. I'm not ecstatic with my final animation, but considering it was my first go, I'm quite happy. It could definitely be improved, especially the chair movements. I'll have the final uploaded to youtube tommorow.

I wanted to produce a good animation timeline as I really enjoyed seeing the history of Visual Effects throughout this unit. I have some bits and pieces spread back over my blog so I decided instead of spammming more posts showing animator's work I would compile it all into a video. I started working on this at about five in the evening and have only just finished, but I'm incredibly happy with it. I think it shows the progress from early visual effects to today's cutting edge quite well. It lasts about 9 minutes and contains quite a bit of footage from a variety of films, plus what I consider to be a tasty soundtrack. I will also post this up tommorow.

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