Soundtrack and Alien Vegetables

Posted by Sam Hayes On Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Right, so all my 3D is complete and rendered, I've got my final edit together with a quick soundtrack, but it doesn't quite fit. I'm going to spend the rest of the day re-doing the sound, trying to make it tie-in well with the visuals. I'm currently using the Hans Zimmer track 'One Day', which was on a OST for Pirates 3, I think it has all the right vibes, but I need to try and  pinpoint the timing. I'm also trying to incoporate the big-movie sound effects, which is also taking quite a bit of effort to get right. Hopefully the sound will compliment it by Friday, I just need to concentrate on how.

On a lighter note, me and my housemates have spent all day cleaning our student house and we found these in the back of a cupboard, left there probably about 7 months ago. It now looks like some sort of Alien, with long potato tenticles.

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  2.'> 27 May 2010 at 19:56

    The Good Life meets Giger meets The Thing


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