Narrative Progress - Inital ideas

Posted by Sam Hayes On Wednesday, September 22, 2010
 I'm posting for the narrative unit on my personal blog so that our group blog stays professional. It is more note-taking thna anything else.

I thought it would be a good idea to put our initial ideas which we explored yesterday in a post. That way we can decided which ones to build on and how to go ahead. Here is what I remember us talking about below, we can all edit it to change and add things:

- Cheerleaders from 'Beyond the Stars' does not limit them to Aliens. They can be aliens, robots or even humans.

- The best place to set the trailer / film  would be around a High School in a small town, fitting with the generic B-Movie plots.

- The plot could be based around a cheerleading group competition, in which the killer cheerleaders gatecrash or participate in before the killing begins.

- To set the background up, a shot could be included showing the competition or school mentioned on a local radio, showing the signal spreading into the atmosphere and beyond into space, explaining how it reached 'beyond the stars' or why the killers arrive.

- There are a lot of design possibilites for the weapons, they can be completely new technologies, allowing us some good original shots and ideas.

- A portion of our trailer would be a reveal shot, where the cheerleaders are shown emmerging from their innocent appearance to their real image. We thought that a good way of doing this was to show the cheerleaders in silhouette, slowly allowing them to be seen or perhaps a sudden turning point which would be shown in the trailer to set the film up.

- We thought we may need a hero or protagonist character to bulk the trailer up and give the film some direction, but we haven't really gone into detail with characters.

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