Synopsis Ideas

Posted by Sam Hayes On Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Here is our current shot-list. It may not make too much sense at the moment as we haven't added a script, but it shows our general structure of the trailer so far.

1)      Quick Establishing shots of School, slow zoom towards school entrance fades to 2.
2)      Shot of the Radio Tower broadcasting signal
3)      Pan into upper atmosphere, shot of alien control panel
4)      Cut to Alien ship heading to earth
5)      Car with two students on ‘make-out point’ overlooking town, spaceship flies in distance and lands
6)      Shot of spacecraft landing in wooden area / rural field and door beginning to open – Fade to White.
7)      School gym, Cheerleading practice, moonlight exterior shot with lights on inside, woods behind
8)      Cut to gymnasium sign.
9)      Cheerleader taken over by alien
10)   School Bell Ringing
11)   School corridor (Noise in background) Doors open, cheerleaders walk through corridor. Emotionless, looking really slutty and walking in formation.
12)   Jock practicing basketball alone in gym, Cheerleader walking from behind camera, stalking her prey
13)   Blood splat up gym door window
14)   Basketball gently rolling by camera covered in blood and slime
15)   Shot of newspaper reporting on missing student
16)   Chief Editor of School Newspaper looking through locker room peep-hole,
17)   Shot of his eye framed through hole, looking
18)   Shot of cheerleader walking out of view past locker, leaving silhouette which morphs into a disgusting shape
19)   Shot of his eye widening in fear
20)   Shot similar to 16 but with something approaching him.
21)   Second newspaper article. This time of the editor going missing
22)   Cheerleader luring a jock into janitor closet, before hearing him screaming/ gargling
23)   Double-doors swing open, light pours through, silhouetting line of cheerleaders, they walk towards the camera.
24)   Fade to black, Title appears on screen,  alien sound in background

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