Woodland Glow Concept

Posted by Sam Hayes On Friday, October 29, 2010
Darkened the edges around the image and softened it.


We are in the last stages of pre-production in our narrative project. Richard and I have been working on a piece of concept art based around the first scene in our trailer - the woodland glow.

It began with some simple blocking out of a forest, which then progressed with dramatic lighting and an eery glow. After some discussion, Richard made improvements to create a concept we were both happy with. Below shows the progress.

 Stage One

Stage 2 : Making it darker

Stage 3: Richard's improvements to the near-final image

Further work needs to be done on the concept to match our storyboarded scene. We'll be adding a jock jacket and pom-poms hanging over the tree branch. Working as a team on this concept has really enhanced the result and has created a good vision for our trailer.

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    nice! :-)


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