Narrative Woodland Scene

Posted by Sam Hayes On Monday, November 08, 2010
Over the last few weeks my work has been all over the place, I seem to be working all the time that I can but not much has been produced, and even less posted up on my blog. I'm hoping to get this sorted out soon, personal problems mixed with a lot of upcoming deadlines is making Year 2 quite intense. I am struggling hugely with character design at the moment, finding the time and inspiration is very difficult, the world is almost conspiring against me attending the Tuesday lessons, including tommorows, which I can't get to as my car has decided to burst into steam when started up, so I'll be driving (or pushing) it to the garage in the morning.

This week, as well as cracking on with Character modelling, I have been tackling my tasks for narrative - the first woodland scene. As a team, we've been trying to decide on a style, something not too realistic, which we can stick to and make our animation recognisable. My job on the first scene is the environment details - the trees, grass, rocks etc. The hardest part of this is trying to make the environment look natural and not too structured.

Below are some work in progress shots of the scene so far. This is a very rough and early layout, making sure things fit together. Matt will be providing the terrain for the objects to be placed on and then it will be a team effort to texture and light the scene.

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  1. JOLANTA said...'> 14 November 2010 at 21:37

    And there it is :D Looks lot like your concept drawings :)


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