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Posted by Sam Hayes On Tuesday, November 30, 2010
Over the last couple of week's I've been in a terrible mode, both with my time management, motivation and general intelligence, I'm hoping it has just been a blip on the course-radar and nothing more, but I have really dissapointed myself with the last unit as well as the admin side of things. I cocked up the last project, theres no excuse for it, it isn't the first time I've done that, but it will definitely be the last, so putting that all behind me I'm feeling enthusiastic about the current unit.

I'm a little behind with the Maya Tutorials by a week or so, I am currently UVing the character and hope to have caught up soon enough, as I'll be starting modelling my first character for narrative soon. The group project is where a lot of my focus is lying at the moment, we're heading closer to the deadline and there is still a lot to learn and put into practice.

Our first scene is a woodland make-out point shot, I'm creating environment pieces for the scene, trying to produce a creepy yet stylised atmosphere. The aim of the shot is to show an 'alien-like' glow emitting from the centre of woodland. After a group discussion based around the characters, we decided a style, whcih needed to be mimicked in the props and landscape as well as the actors. I spent this evening trying to create a cartoon-like style which can still put across the events.

This style, as soon as I put it together, I really liked. It is something I would love to carry on into future projects, maybe stylising even more in this direction. Below are the work-in-progress shots of the scene, it all still needs to be lit and the background will be a painted backdrop which will be blended with the foreground.

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