Cheerleader Modelling

Posted by Sam Hayes On Monday, December 20, 2010
I think the waist needs thinning, to exaggerate the tight figure, more like Rich's concept, but the flow is right, so I can alter the proportions slightly. I need to next create the skirt which will be attached and will cover the waist.

After looking at some more of Alan's tutorials on Rigging, I've decided to crack on and model the cheerleader, so that I have two characters to rig at once, which hopefully will make things easier. The stylistic proportion of the cheerleader is aimed at large hips, thin waist, long legs and large bust. The plan is to model the body and add the skirt on top, parenting it to the waist, hopefully this will work, but when it comes to rigging / skinning this will probably need a bit of attention.

Here is what I have so far, I'm hoping to have the whole model ready in the next few days for rigging and skinning. The model isn't naked, the top portion is in a cheerleading sweater, which explains the bulkier chest, it should be more obvious when the detail is added

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