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Posted by Sam Hayes On Sunday, January 16, 2011
These are the character updates so far from the Narrative Project. All the characters are finally ready for animation, which has also began. I spent a day re-creating the Jock's upper body (Although this lost me a day near the end of the project, I thought it was necessary as the Jock's arms previously were botched) Re-modelling, Rigging and Skinning in a day was a bit of a misery, but Im feeling much better about the character now. Here he is now, and below him, as he was before.

We have two large piece of character animation - The Cheerleaders walking in sync down a corridor and a Jock playing basketball. I've been working on the cheerleader walk cycle this evening, I think it is almost complete, just a couple of things to fix, but it is mainly out of the way. Here it is, complete with a bit of breast jiggle (My highlight of the project so far was adding this..)

Lastly, I had rigged and skinned the Nerd Girl. She is below. she'll only be used in a few scenes, so shes only rigged from the waist up (He legs were never going to move) I still need to texture the face (unfortunately for her this means Freckles/ Pimples )

Tommorow I'll be having a crack at animating the Jock playing basketball as well as the tentacle underneath the cheerleader's skirt.

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