Cheerleader Rigging Problem..

Posted by Sam Hayes On Saturday, January 08, 2011
I've decided to spend a couple of days re-rigging and tidying up my character models to make them easier to animate for all of us. Everything has been going fine, until the final stage, where the controls need to be grouped so they can be assign to the master control. I've followed the tutorial a couple of times and I'm still getting this same issue.. When I select a CTRL circle , be it a foot, pelvis or spine, it selects the entire group. The grouping layout is below, and I think it is correct. If I select the foot control individually from the outliner, it works fine, but clicking the nurbs circle in the viewport will select the entire 'DO NOT TOUCH' group.

I think my grouping must be off, but I cant see where. I'm going to keep looking over it, but if anyone has had this problem before and knows how to fix it, that would be smashing.

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  1. Sam Hayes said...'> 8 January 2011 at 23:19

    I got frustrated with Maya, closed it down. 10 Minutes later, when I reopened it, the problem was completely gone!

    If only everything worked like that..


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