Transcription: Picking up where I left off

Posted by Sam Hayes On Thursday, January 27, 2011
The transcription project is very close to starting, so like many others, I'm formulating some sort of plan. As advised by Phil, I've decided to pick up my Summer project from last year and bring it to fruition. There were a number of struggles with the project which I encountered, which after the lessons of Narrative, and Alan's tutorials, I think I can solve. The pre-production stage has already been worked on quite a bit, but it still needs a lot of attention over the next couple of weeks. I have a draft storyboard and a couple of pieces of concept which need improving (Below) I've also got a few pieces of production which I think I can carry on through. Below is my 'Keep' and 'Cut' list.

Keep from Summer Project:

- Music (The piece I am transcribing)
- Opening Scene (First 5 storyboard frames)
- Storyline / Plot (Needs ending)
- Selection of Props (Modeled and Textured)

- Black and White style (Going to bring it back into colour)
- Train Model (Needs to be more stylised and a rig)
- Modeled Environments (To be redone)

Below are all the pre-production pieces I have from summer. I'll be re-working these over the next few weeks with a new style and story.

Production (Most will be redone, but in a similar fashion, but more stylised)

So now its time for a lot of re-working of my storyboards and concepts along with thinking of a nice style (Perhaps similar to the props above)

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