Music: Aaron Copland's 'Hoe-Down' (1942)

Posted by Sam Hayes On Tuesday, February 01, 2011
Despite having the piece of music for quite some time, since getting assigned it for my summer project, I haven't researched much into it. I'm now at the stage where I need to analyse the music thoroughly, which also means researching into its author and original use.

The classical track I'm transcribing is 'Hoe-Down', a action-oriented piece from Aaron Copland - a film and ballet composer. The piece is a compilation of several different folk-tunes from Ireland with a mid-western twist, to feature in a ballet named 'Rodeo' - a love story between a cowgirl and a rancher. The song is essentially formed of entirely Irish tunes and influence, but it has been adapted to the 'Wild-West' environment, and I think that in this case, it's where it belongs. I'm going to split the music up into sections, which will correlate to different scenes in my animation. The song accommodates the following tunes:

William H. Steppe's 'Bonaparte's Retreat'
Originally an Irish marching tune - "The Eagle's Charge" played on the fiddle.

McLeod's Reel 
A traditional Irish Jig, used for river dance.

Very old Irish tune, appears briefly in the composition.

Previous Use
My first tutorial with Phil today was incredibly helpful towards the character animation side of the project - the place where I want to focus. Phil recommended me a few different silent film actors from the 1920's who could help me portray the comedy value in my characters. One of these was Buster Keaton, who I will post on more detail later. Coincidentally, The Hoedown theme has been montaged with a Buster Keaton short below:

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