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Posted by Sam Hayes On Tuesday, March 01, 2011
The modelling / texturing stage of my project is going quite well, I still have a couple of environments to do, but so far the system of dividing them up into shots is paying off in time and work. Below is the station set, where the first minute or so of character animation takes place. There are three benches (One that he lands under after falling off the trolley and two which he jumps over / slides under) I'm trying to work tightly to my first animatic. There is still improvements to be made. The render time is quite high (roughly a minute a frame I think) mainly becuse of the lighting and texture sizes, but it should be bearable.

I'm still progressing with the environments. I'm modelling the last of the props then I need to refine everything, batter it up as suggested by Alan. Below are some more recent shots of the second environment. The Handcar needs a bump map and more rust and the ground texture needs increasing I think. I'm looking forward to seeing it with painted backdrops, to get an idea of the final look.

Edit: I've started work on the rail-shed environment. I'm going to try and 'batter' up my environments a bit, some loose planks, chunks missing etc, try to make it look like the arse-end of nowhere, which should be aided with my backdrops.

There is a lot more to do on this one, the textures need work, especially the terrain.

As for the second animatic, I've been working on it with ideas here and there over the last week. I started to a animate the suitcase using animation paper and a makeshift lightbox (Sheet of glass and a lamp) this gave me a two-day headache after staring into a lamp, so I put that idea aside! My plan is to have all the environments finished by Sunday, which should give me 5 weeks of animatic and animation (Including the train). Till then I'll continue to rough out the animation and should have a more detailed, moving animatic next week when I can focus on it.

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  1. tutorphil said...'> 1 March 2011 at 17:27

    a health and safety Chernobyl, Sam! Your environments are looking very nice though. You've accomplished a pleasing softness - like denim jeans just when they're perfect, but just when they're about to fall apart. I really like the poster details too. Just power through - because you need as much time animating as possible - I know you know that, I'm just agreeing with you!


  2. Alan Postings said...'> 2 March 2011 at 07:53

    Hi Sam,

    One criticism - Its all a little perfect. For example your wood panelling is perfectly straight. The barrels planks are perfect. Bring life / reality into the piece by adding 'Noise' and 'Randomness'.


  3. tutorphil said...'> 7 March 2011 at 11:10

    Sam - if you're through with that Gnomon DVD on texturing, can you bring it in tomorrow, as there's a third year hankering after it too. Cheers!


  4. Sam Hayes said...'> 7 March 2011 at 15:46

    Yup, I've watched it. I'll bring it in tommorow morning.


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