DVD Disc Design

Posted by Sam Hayes On Wednesday, April 06, 2011
All the shots are rendered and edited. Animation-wise I just have to tidy up the music and sound effects in Premiere. The final edit is just over 2minutes 30 seconds, which is roughly what I was aiming for. I'm going to spend the day working on my Making Of, then move onto preparing the final animation edit this evening. 

As for the Making Of, Technical Document and Demo Reel I may not finish them for the submission disc, if not, I will post them on the blog tommorow. I still have a busy day (and night I expect) ahead, but knowing that the animation is edited is a good morale boost.

Below is the DVD disc design, I've tried to keep it simple to show the style and colourful to match the animation. Hopefully I can get this printed in the next couple of hours (IT staff depending!)

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