Making Of 'The Suitor'

Posted by Sam Hayes On Saturday, April 09, 2011
This was a requirement at the critique. I did have a copy, but It wasn't what I wanted to submit, so I have been re-working it until now. I am hoping that is not something I will marked against.

This animation was the biggest learning curve for me since the start of the course. It was 10 weeks of trying new techniques and trying to avoid leaving a gap in the production pipeline at all. To reflect that, I wanted to submit a well put together Making Of document, which I couldn't have done on Thursday without sacrificing something in the animation. (Maybe this was time management, but I don't think I could of slept any less) Either way, below is the finished document, I'm hoping it will cover the past 10 weeks' struggle.

Making of the SuitorFull Screen version:

I now have some tidying up to do on the tutorials, ready for posting up. I'm hoping I won't miss any of them.

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