Models and Metaphors: E4 Sting

Posted by Sam Hayes On Monday, April 18, 2011

I've just returned from a week in Cornwall and a week away from technology was exactly what I needed after the hectic final weeks of Transcription. Unfortunately, this meant I missed the new project briefing, but I have been reading through the paper brief this morning and looking at some previous examples on the E4 website.

I'm going to hopefully spend the next two weeks over Easter working through my initial ideas and storyboarding what I have. Having only 10 seconds to produce should mean that I can produce a lot of small storyboards for different ideas. I want to do a character based Ident as I can use what I learnt last project of inanimate objects squashing and stretching. Whether or not I have time to produce a human cartoon character I'll have to decide.

This project is definitely going to be quality over quantity and probably more of a sprint than the marathon that was Transcription. I do think that transcription has given me a lot more skills that can be put to use. Hopefully I can show that in the next few weeks.

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