Project Rethink

Posted by Sam Hayes On Monday, February 13, 2012
The last couple of weeks have been a bit hit and miss with my project ideas. I'd been working on my initial proposal which I posted earlier in the week, I began some animatic frames for it, along with trying to put a narrative together. Some of this is below, it is very rough.

Throughout the week I became more and more unconvinced by the idea, which was to produce a glimpse at a alternate history. This seemed like a too ambitious project for the way I envisioned it, and although It could work by scaling it down, I've battled for the idea too long and it has become a bit of a blur. I eventually thought of other possibilities and settled on another idea this weekend. Although some of the week has been wasted, I did spend a portion of it doing compositing tutorials for shots I thought I need them for, this should still be useful.

My project proposal is below, I feel it plays to my strengths much more and will allow me to split my project between a strong sense of design along with a challenging production stage. I think this could yield some rich concept art and a good environment to portray.

I think a tutorial tommorow with Phil is going to be vital for the next week of pre-production.

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