First week of CG Arts

Posted by Sam Hayes On Saturday, September 19, 2009
The first week (Although the lectures and inductions have been quite sparse) has been really informative about what is in-store for us in the first year. Yesterday's introduction lectures with Phil , Alan and the graduates allowed us to see how much work we really have to do, and what we're hoping to eventually produce. The social afterwards at the bar was also good, not only for the free beer (Which was really appreciated) but also as it gave us a chance to get some more Info outof the graduates.

A few of us spoke to some of the third years and the graduates, who were more than happy to give us some tips (Mainly to do with how to survive the workload) but also pointed us towards some short-animations that we will find useful. One of which was 'This way up', a animation about two undertakers. It is available to watch through the BBC website:

It has been a informative and fun week. I have a feeling that next week is where the real work with begin..

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