Final Portrait : Role-Model

Posted by Sam Hayes On Friday, October 23, 2009
After a lot of thought earlier on in the week and looking through my portrait ideas, I settled on one for my final concept and image. I have created a final piece,which, although limited by my knowledge of photoshop, I think turned out quite well, I am quite happy with it.

My concept is that there are many things that define who you are that can be used in a self-portrait. Some artists, bring their family members into the piece, some people composite different images of themselves from the past into a portrait. My idea, was to use a different aspect of a person's self, that could be represented, their role-models or heroes. I believe that the role-models that a person follows shows a lot about them, I tried to show this in my image by adding certain features of my heroes to my image.

The image above, is my final piece. I began with a photograph of myself, which I then composited famouse features of my heroes onto. My nose, has been replaced by that of Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, as famous for his bent nose as he was for defeated Napoleon. My shoulders have been given the uniform of Guy Gibson, Flight Commander of the Dambusters Raid and I have been given a cigar, the object associated with Winston Churchill. The background, a clock, shows that perhaps I think too much of the past, and am always mentally living in it. The black and white was to give the piece a vinatage look, perhaps even to make me wish I was in a different time altogether.

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