Third Portrait Idea

Posted by Sam Hayes On Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Today, I am to drink a bucket of coffee and write an essay. I had written some of it over the last week,but after yesterday's (very helpful) essay writing lecture, it needs to be completely re-vamped. We had life-drawing yesterday, where we concentrated on the negative space around the model to create a figure. It was hard to picture at first, however, by the end of the class I was finding it much easier.

I have created a third portrait idea, which, like the other two, I don't think I will continue with, not because I don't think that its a good idea, but I wanted to create something more personal that I can explain and link to myself better. The idea behind this portrait is showing a person's ego alongside their body. In the picture, it shows my normal self, along-side my inner-self. The ego is portrayed as made out of glass, as I have not accomplished anything to inflate my Ego yet, therefore it is easily breakable. The idea would progress and I would think that the viewer would assume that as I go on in life the material of that other self would change and harden.

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