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Posted by Sam Hayes On Thursday, November 05, 2009
I had some spare time earlier today, before narrowingly escaping a rogue firework ,shortly after lighting it (Very short fuse, I blame the Chinese, where it was made) so I started to play around a bit more in Maya.

I had an idea of using some of the stuff from Alan's tutorial to create a larger house, rather than a single terrace. I created this scene below, which isn't finished and is definitely not as detailed as Alan's scene. I brought in the windows from the other project, along with the ornamental roof. I made everything a bit bigger, along with some steps leading up to the house.

I doubt I will finish it off as I was just trying to learn a few more things in the program. I'm looking forward to Alan's tutorial tommorow, as well as Phil Hoskin's concept art class.


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  1. Baja said...'> 9 November 2009 at 23:58

    WOW...dats nice dude, would Alan mark it, if you change the course of the style? I hope he does, cause this scene looks nice. ^-^


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