Invasion of The Body Snatchers (1956)

Posted by Sam Hayes On Monday, November 30, 2009

This was a film which I'd heard mentioned in so many places as well as seeing it mimicked, parodied and referenced in so many other films and posters, but had never seen originally. The film centres around a stereotypical 1950s town  in America (As do many films) which is slowly being taken over by 'Body Snatchers' an alien group who have ambitions to 'take over the world'. The plot is very classic in the way that it begins very slowly, with each sympton of the invasion slowly being introduced to the main characters as well as the audience. The film creates an air of frustration rather than suspense as the doctor continues to rationalise the events that are happening, until further into the film, he becomes the sole-survivor of the town (or at least the only one not under alien control)

The setting of the film is playing on the American life-style of the 1950's - everybody quite local and happy, with the doctor knowing the townfolk by name and a well upkept town which propels the plot as most people in the film do not seem suspicious of each other. This is where the contrast occurs, between the beginning and the end of the film, where it is originally very calm it then erupts into mayhem as the doctor is chased from the town which has become very active in spreading the alien 'seeds'.

Overall, I did enjoy this film but I felt it was quite slow-paced and frustrating to watch at points. The acting, set-design and music was all very well-done as well as the odd moments of suspense. Even though the original didn't seem too aged in terms of plot, I am  interested in watching the 1970's version now. I have discovered it has Donald Sutherland in, who I like to watch, I also realised this morning that he is in another of Phil's choices on the reading list -' Don't Look Now', a film that was adapted from the Dauphine Du-Maurier book of the same name, which I have somewhere on DVD.

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