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Posted by Sam Hayes On Thursday, December 31, 2009
I thought today I should start work again on the project, as it has been a week and a half of doing very little. I'm happy with my theme and setting so now I am playing with the composition. I want the view to be subjective, which is why I want a realistic camera angle, I want to get this all sorted in my concept so I can put modelling effort into the things I know will be seen and skip those that won't.

I started working on a concept today of viewing the house from inside a barn, with a subjective view that seems as if the camera is 'spying' or hiding and shouldn't be there. I've put about two hours work into it so far and I am using maya to help with the perspective. It is far from finished but I'll post up my progress.

I am going to play with the lighting a bit and then add in the objects and details. I want the barn to seem very cluttered,so I am going to add some tools and chains hanging from the ceiling as well as some jars balanced on the boxes. I haven't started on the house yet, but it will be similar to my last concept, and the focal point will be an open basement entrance (Image below) with a blood trail leading to it.

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  1.'> 5 January 2010 at 22:12

    Nice work Sam, the blood needs a bit of refinement but looking very good, like the angle as well.


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