Complete Concept U-Turn

Posted by Sam Hayes On Wednesday, January 06, 2010
Last week I had, what I thought, was a good finished piece of concept art set in the surroundings of a rural farmhouse but since then I've lost the motivation to work on it. I started to create it in Maya and I didn't think it was interesting enough and I thought it had very little excitement to it. I decided to start from scratch with a complete different concept, something more original and of a larger scope. I've decided on a new idea and I am well into the creation if it. I'm working on the concept piece at the moment, but first I will post up my references and inspiration.

I want to create a scene on a central London Street, in a Crewdson type image. The street will be desolate, a double-decker bus will be crashed into the side of a building, the store-fronts will be smashed and the ground will be covered in information leaflets (Which the viewer cannot read) The background will be digitally painted showing smoke rising throughout the horizon.

I have two and a half weeks, meaning this is probably far too ambitious, but I might as well give it a go. I've been working a bit backwards on this project, I haven't created a resolved concept piece, just plans of where I want objects in the scene, I know which objects I will definitely use, so I have modelled them first.

I'l post up my progress this afternoon.

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