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Posted by Sam Hayes On Monday, March 29, 2010

I was struggling with my story idea yesterday but today, with a stroke of luck, a great idea came along, when Phil told me that I could parody the Great Escape. It's one of those things which fit so perfectly but I never thought of it.

I've got a copy of the Great Escape at home, so I'm going to watch a few scenes and try and apply it to my chair in the skip. Below are a few parts which i've been thinking of including:

The chair takes a run up and dives out of the skip, turning on his side, just like Steve McQueen jumping the fence on his motorbike.

When the chair is sneaking away, he gets spooked and jumps in a pile of branches to hide, just like the scene in the film where the two captives jump in the branches in the back of truck.

He eventually gets thrown back in the skip. It ends with him sitting in there, more stuff is then thrown in, including a ball, which bounces off of the side, rolling next to him. He kicks it, and bounces it back. Just like Steve McQueen.

I'm hoping I can blend this all into a convincing story while keeping all the references to the film intact. The bulk of the story will be the chair being furtive, creeping away.

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