Fantastic Voyage (1966)

Posted by Sam Hayes On Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fantastic Voyage is a  Sci-Fi-adventure film produced 1966. It revolves around a team of scientists and doctors who shrink a medical team along with a submarine to microscopic size in order to inject them into another scientist's body to save his life. Although it is far-fetched, it does take a scientific approach and features plenty of scenes based around human anatomy including the ear, heart and brains. The film is not only constantly referenced for it's storyline, but the special effects that were used were groundbreaking. The visuals were very vivid and alomost psychedelic with bright colours floating around the ship.

It featured a couple of recognisable actors, Rachel Welch who starred in One Million Years B.C, a film which featured in my essay as Ray Harryhausen produced the effects. Another character that was familiar was the doctor played by Donald Pleasence, who played 'The Forger' in The Great Escape, which I watched last week for ideas on my drawn animation.

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